Roeda Metal Art transforms your decor with color, creativity, and a seriously strong magnet!

Choose a Base* + Choose your Metal Art Magnets = your easiest & cutest decor ever

Everyday Wreath Magnetic Wall Art
Shelf Stand | 3.5
Everyday Wreath Magnetic Wall Art
Magnetic Garden Stake
Butterfly Art Pop Magnet
Recipe Board Gift Bundle
Envelope Wall Hanging - White
Magnetic Plant Pick
Tissue Box Cover, Black
Month Magnets
Envelope Wall Hanging - Zinc

*What's a Base? Got a refrigerator? A metal mailbox? Or a cubicle at work? The possibilities are endless. We create magnetic photo boards, memo boards and frames, with so many decorating possibilities.Bases are ALL around you, and they ALL can be transformed with a little color, some creativity, and seriously strong magnets from Roeda!

What Bases does Roeda make? We offer photo holders, memo boards, functional decor like tissue boxes and desk organizers, outdoor statement makers like our Magnetic Garden Stake and Everyday Wreath, plus unique magnetic decor.

Brighten your life with metal art magnets from Roeda!